The Enrolment Process


The Caboolture Montessori School follows a structured enrolment format, to ensure all applications for enrolment are conducted in the same manner and student and families are offered our professional services at all times.

1. Initial Enquiry

  • Family are given an Application For Enrolment Form
  • Application Fee is due on application for enrolment
  • A letter is mailed to Family confirming meeting with the Principal and requesting all student documents

2. Meeting with Principal

  • Parents to share information about their child (strengths/weaknesses, likes/dislikes, needs)
  • Principal to screen student readiness (academic/behavioural)
  • Information to parents about Montessori philosophy and methodology and school policies
  • Information about Transition process and confirmation of student trial
  • Request for copies of all student documents: school reports and specialist reports
  • Request permission to share documents with relevant personnel
  • Documentation for parents to view: Enrolment contract, Fee Schedule, Policies
  • School tour
  • Arranging future meeting date

3. Allocation of class

  • Considerations: age/gender/academic level, transitioning children

4. Discussion with class director of possible new enrolment

  • Class director to assess and record student progress and advise Principal
  • Class director to advise office of date of student permanent enrolment or dismissal

5. Parents are informed about enrolment progress

  • Letter of confirmation of enrolment / meeting to dismiss student
  • Information about Parent Induction Evenings

6. Second meeting with Principal: Acceptance of Enrolment Contract (duplicate)

  • Gift of Montessori book

7. Meeting with class director

8. School to follow-up with parents about student progress

  • After two weeks
  • After one month

What information do we need?

In order to assess your application for enrolment we will need information about your child’s education so that we can assess your child’s suitability to our School and to the Montessori Method of education. Not every child’s learning style or temperament is suited to the Montessori Method, which requires a high level of self direction from students.

When you attend your enrolment interview, please bring the following information with you:

  • A completed Application for Enrolment Form
  • Copies of all school reports from previous schools
  • Academic documents and/or professional assessment reports (Psychologist / Occupational Therapist / Speech Therapist / Behavioural Optometrist / Learning Support / etc.
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Copy of immunisation records or immunisation exemption information
  • Application Fee - please note that an application fee of $150 is payable on submission of your Application for Enrolment
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Our Mission

The Caboolture Montessori School's mission is to educate individuals in our school and community by implementing the Montessori philosophy and methodology. Our aim is to prepare a developmentally appropriate environment to encourage our children to responsibly and respectfully engage in their learning journey.

Contact Details

  • Address: 200 Old Gympie Road, Caboolture, QLD, 4510, Australia.
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  • Phone: 07 5495 5877
  • Fax: 07 5499 3927