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An Exciting Week with Animals

IMG 32741

IMG 33101

IMG 33081  IMG 33091

The Pelican children were given the opportunity to see chicks hatch in an incubator in the Sea turtle class.  They were given the chance to hold them today and loved the experience!

IMG 33031  IMG 33041

Nicky found a centipede under her couch and brought it in for the children to look at.  They were fascinated with the long creature with all the legs!

Grandparents' Day

IMG 3251a  IMG 3223a

IMG 3228a  IMG 3247a

The children had a super time showing their grandparents and special visitors the Pelican room and their portfolios. They did a little dance to the “Pukeko song” and then had some fun with crafts. They made fairy bread to share, a frame with a verse and a picture with their handprints. What a lovely spread for morning tea! The children all served their food to the adults before helping themselves to some items. They then went to see their peers performing in the Sunlight concert. It was a very busy and exciting morning and a great deal of fun was had by all!!

Pelicans Newsletter Term 4, 2017

Dear Parents and Caregivers:

We have a very busy Term 4 planned!  The children have made so much progress in their learning over the last year and we are really excited about what 2018 will bring.  They experienced a wonderful encounter with wildlife and had lots of opportunities to touch the various reptiles.  They have also been busy maintaining and harvesting their community and class vegetable gardens.  We are looking forward to Grandparents Day and seeing the children perform in the Sunshine concert (don’t forget to get your child’s entry in to the office!)  The children will start making Christmas crafts towards the end of the term and they will all start getting really excited!  We hope you have some great plans for the Christmas holidays!

Anna and Lisa

This term we are learning about:

  • Antarctica
  • Spring
  • Lifecycle of chicken
  • Landforms: island / lake, cape / bay, peninsular / gulf, isthmus / strait, system of lakes / archipelago
  • Diurnal and nocturnal animals
  • Animals and plant producers and consumers
  • Solar system -focus on planet earth
  • Christmas crafts

Show & Share: A roster has been provided (one student per day) beginning in week one-see list. Students may bring a book, photograph or artefact that follows one of the term themes. A maximum of five minutes, during discussion time, will be allocated per student.

Meeting/discussion days: Tuesdays and Thursdays:  3 pm, if you wish to discuss anything with me (Lisa).  Please email me via Parent Lounge (or my usual email address) to arrange.

Parent Rep: Miranda Mitchell, our new parent representative is contactable via email (please see the parent directory in Parent Lounge for email address).  Thank you so much to Jo Gibson for her support as the parent representative for the last 19 months!  We really appreciated it.
Assistance /resources currently required:

  • Donations of fruit/vegetables for food preparation in practical life area - chat to Anna if you require guidance.


  • The children should come with hats (spare one in their bag) and sunscreen applied and they will re-apply later in the day.
  • Students should arrive between 08h15 and 08h30 (white slip if late, or for early pick up).  Please respect our classroom time and make sure your child comes into the classroom quietly.
  • Lunch boxes to accompany child into the room, drink bottles outside in basket, shoes and socks on the shoe rack.
  • Readers returned on Mondays and/or Fridays.
  • Shoes and socks to be taken off every morning except on Fridays.
  • Sports uniforms to be worn on Fridays.
  • Library - book bags and disposable snack should be brought on alternate Fridays (odd weeks) starting Friday, 6th October, 20th October, 3rd November, 17th November.  Book bags (a material bag) required for books to be lent out to protect them.

Upcoming events: Please see the calendar on Parent Lounge (or emails/newsletters from the school office) for info on upcoming events.  Some class specific events are as follows:

  • Our Grandparents Day/Sunshine Concert will be held on Friday 27th October (Friday of next week).  The format for the day will be:
    Classroom time from 8:45-9:45am, during which each classroom provides an activity/tour of their room and morning tea 9:45-10:15 am followed by all coming together for the Sunlight Concert under the new building from 10:15-11:15am.

IMG 3093A Reptile Encounter

The Pelican’s had a lovely encounter with a number of reptiles during the Reptile show.  The show was very interactive and all the children had numerous opportunities to hold, touch and learn about the reptiles. Some staff managed less easily than our students with these magnificent creatures.



IMG 3124  IMG 3028  IMG 3131  IMG 3115

IMG 3142  IMG 3127 

Very brave young people!!! 

Term 3 Events and Activities

The Pelicans have continued their busy journey this semester: science, gardening, cross country and another visit from Quack, the duck.

Our children are most definitely having a well-rounded education and exploring all areas of their learning and interest. The photos below are some testimony of what the Pelicans are doing.

IMG 2592 IMG 2593

IMG 2642  Dugongs garden

IMG 2684  IMG 2691

IMG 2729 IMG 2732

 IMG 2715 IMG 2723

South America Dressup

South American dress up 1

South American dress up 2

Term 2 Events and Activities

Our children contribute beautifully to class and school events.

Apple Slinky

AppleSlinky1 AppleSlinky2

Making Apple Pies

ApplePies1 ApplePies2


Anzac day 2017 wreath making  Anzac day 2017 wreath laying 1


Easter basket sitting 2017  Easter hunt 2017

Easter hunt 1 2017


How are our new children coping?

It does look like a harmonious room and children are becoming engaged, happy and exploring new worlds.

Cady number rods and symbols Jackson CB3 

Cady working with number rods and symbols                      Jackson arranging colours in distinct gradation

Sammy Armadillo parts Eva insect work 2

Sammy working on the parts of an armadillo                                     Eva defining parts of an insect

Ariana painting Elijah M landforms island and lake

Ariana being creative with art                                                              Elijah completing his 'landforms'

Amitha and Rosie geometric solids 

Rosie and Amitha understanding geometric solids

This is all in a day's work.

Talking about fun and healthy food

The Pelicans today had a wonderful time savouring their own home made 'watermelon pizza'. Great success with happy tummies.

IMG 1916    IMG 1932 IMG 1921      IMG 1930

                                                               IMG 1929

The Pelicans have been celebrating multiculturism

Our school and indeed each class includes children from many cultural backgrounds: this makes our school so rich of traditions and differentiated ways to understand our world.

Our Jewish families shared a Hanukka celebration with children.

Shai Lee and Odelia Israel and Hanukka celebration 1  Shai Lee and Odelia lighting the Hanukka candles

The American culture was celebrated through traditional Thanksgiving activities.

Elijah was making a plump turkey.Elijah thanksgiving

Of course, Christmas is part of the celebrations at the end of the year, and this was acknowledged with gingerbread making (yum) and reindeer antlers used for the Carols By Candlelight event at the Caboolture Montessori School.

Gingerbread making and icing 6

Reindeer antler Carols 1  Reindeer antler making for Carols 2

Qwackers the duck visits the Pelican room

Zoe’s duck, Qwackers visited the Pelican room today.  The Seahorses (Cycle 2) popped in for a visit also.  Qwackers allowed everyone to pat him and then he had a bath!

IMG 1351  IMG 1350

IMG 1353

IMG 1354

Welcome to the Pelicans Class

The Pelicans have had an eventful term: from deep concentration of class personalised table mat making, to delicious pizza making, a visit from Ocean Life and ending with a fabulous end of term concert and work presentation. The children have enjoyed every event and participated fully. Fun, laughter and strong focus was present for each activity. Parents attended various events and also participated. Working together we achieve the best results. Thanks to parents and children!

Lisa and Anna

Placemat handprints 1  Placemat handprints 6 Making placemats.


Pizza making 2  Pizza making 9 Yummy pizza making

Ocean Life visit 8 Ocean Life visit 11 Touching squeeshy creatures.

Concert practise 2 

An amazing concert and our Learning Journeys

Learning journey and concert 9 Sept 2016 5  Learning journey and concert 9 Sept 2016 6

Learning journey and concert 9 Sept 2016 10  Learning journey and concert 9 Sept 2016 11



Peer Tutoring in Early Childhood

Our Cycle one children are enjoying visits from our Cycle two students to encourage and motivate reading. The older children are opening the world of magic that is drawn from pages of interesting books. The engagement and interaction are proving to be an effective way to introduce literacy to our 3, 4 and 5 year olds.

The older students are growing their confidence not just with reading but as little leaders and guides for younger peers.

This process is happening school wide, where older students bring age appropriate books to earlier grades and read to them; reading is not the only literacy item addressed: comprehension and early decoding is addressed, as well as the offer for younger students to read to the group.

Thank you students!

Cycle 2 reading to Cycle 1 Pelicans 12

Cycle 2 reading to Cycle 1 Pelicans 9

Cycle 2 reading to Cycle 1 Pelicans 8

Cycle 2 reading to Cycle 1 Pelicans 4  Cycle 2 reading to Cycle 1 Pelicans 6




Caboolture Pelicans newsletter term 3 2016


Pelicans Newsletter Term 2, 2016

pdfGardening thank you letter...


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